Oceandiva London have partnered with Moving Venue as their dedicated catering supplier.


Moving Venue

With over 38 years of experience, Moving Venue have unparalleled experience delivering bespoke, seasonal menus at expertly designed events. Driven by creating memorable and delicious catering experiences, our in-house caterers design menus tailored to the style, budget and needs of your event and its guests. From intimate cocktail receptions to immersive conferences, from elegant gala dinners to stunning award ceremonies, their passionate, creative team of chefs devise dishes that your guests will simply love. Moving Venue, as part of the Smart Group, will work seamlessly to deliver exceptional events.

In addition, Last Supper are also part of Smart Group and arrangements can be made to have them as an alternative catering partner; please discuss your requirements with your Oceandiva London Account Manager.

Asparagus, egg yolk purée, parmesan, brioche toast (v)
Treacle-cured salmon, horseradish cream cheese, keta caviar
Singaporean-spiced chicken, pickled mouli, mixed peppers


Intricate, delectable, creative.

Perfectly curated to precede sumptuous dinners or complement receptions, their canapés weave together vibrant flavours and colours with precision and intricacy in one bite.

Bowl Food
Lamb belly Greek salad, feta crumble, Kalamata olives.
Bowl Food
Steak tartare, chips, cured egg, mustard.
Bowl Food
Summer greens, cashew labneh, radish, peas, broad beans (v)

Bowl Food

Flavoursome, distinctive, satisfying.

Invented to combine classic flavours that are beautifully presented, their substantial and satisfying ‘mini meals’ allow guests to roam, facilitate networking and leave any celebration uninterrupted – let the food come to you!


Decadent, delicious, daring.

Moving Venue have collaborated with London’s leading mixologists to bring you delicious drinks that can make your event go from great to sensational. Champagne to martinis, cocktails to an ice cool beer, they will make sure your drinks package is tailored to you and your guests, to truly make a splash on Oceandiva London.

Seated Dinner

Seasonal, creative, impactful.

Using the finest, sustainably sourced ingredients, Moving Venue relish creating exquisite dishes. Their menus are bound to delight, leaving guests talking about them long after your event is but a distant memory.

Pea, Elderflower, Raisin
Trout, Watercress, Trout Roe
Tomato, Kombu, Sourdough (vg)


Beautifully orchestrated dishes providing the perfect start to any dinner.

Fresh, high quality food prepared meticulously by their talented team of chefs to provide dinner guests with the perfect start to their meal. Providing taste and balance leaving your guests craving more.

Beef, Spinach, Asparagus
Short Rib, Sweet Potato, Parmesan
Courgette, Cucumber, Mint (vg)


Innovative, creative, event-friendly main course dishes.

Whether hearty for winter awards dinners or light and bright for weddings and summer soirées, their seasonal main courses are created lovingly by their chefs to suit the trends and seasons of the year, as well as the tastes of their clients.

Mango, Lime, Coconut (v)
Strawberry, Sur le Nil Tea, Vanilla (v)
The Sunflower: Sunflower, Lemon, Praline (v)


Sweet delights to complete your culinary journey.

Their desserts are creatively designed and visually stunning delicious finalés to any dinner.

Food Station
Charcuterie bar
Food Station
Perhaps our most popular creation - The Mashtini Bar
Food Station
Seafood Bar
Food Station
Toastie Bar

Food Stations

Tempting, theatrical, imaginative.

Moving Venue’s planning and creative team love a challenge and enjoy nothing more than designing impressive and inspired stations, no matter the theme! The beautiful décor paired with innovative menus are always a show stopper.

Last Supper

Curators of beautiful events.

Last Supper are a team of highly experienced and dynamic individuals who have come together with a fresh and canny approach to the London food scene. Since opening in April 2003, Last Supper quickly established a reputation as one of London’s most forward-thinking party catering companies, working for a broad range of corporate and private clients. They are known for creating consistently innovative work in all they do. Their product is tailored and never formulaic.

london new year's eve menu

Catering by Moving Venue

Moving Venue are honoured to be the dedicated catering partner for Oceandiva London. From gala dinners to intimate cocktail receptions and immersive conferences, Moving Venue have the catering to match your event and guarantee the food will be a talking point long after the day is finished.

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