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February 1st, 2024, London, UK


It is with great disappointment we announce in what marks a significant setback for London’s aspirations to be a leader in sustainable maritime innovation, the Oceandiva London project, a shining example of green technology, has been compelled to return to EU waters. The decision, made by the Dutch owners, comes after prolonged challenges in navigating the complex web of regulatory and certification processes in the UK.

Despite obtaining the prestigious Green Award’s Platinum Label, the combination of regulatory challenges and infrastructural inadequacies proved too great to overcome.

The ‘Oceandiva London’ stood as a beacon for the future, the world’s first carbon-neutral floating event venue of its calibre.

We are grateful for the way in which Oceandiva London was received by clients and the events industry alike. It is with much regret that we are unable to bring this innovative project to fruition and thank you for your support and interest in the venue.

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